Monday, 2 August 2010

True Spirit.....

"I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time with Spirit after he arrived at SHAK, and he certainly lived up to his name.

Spirit was on the list to be destroyed in a pound before arriving here. He was very thin, wobbly on his hind legs, and kept one foot off the ground at every opportunity. Vets diagnosed his condition as chronic hip dysplasia, and plans were made to provide him with a hip replacement. It was after this initial vets visit, Spirit came home with me, he pretty much stayed there till the day he died.

On Tuesday 27th July 2010, we were hit with terrible news. During an x ray to reveal the extent of his hip problem, the vet discussed the leg that was so poorly was riddled with bone tumours. Worse was to follow, the disease had spread to his lungs. I had to let him go. I have never known a dog walk as deeply into my life in such a short time as Spirit did.

The 9 days we had him were filled with so much happiness. I used to watch him as he slept by the side of my bed, in his dreams he was running fast, I lay watching his legs go through the motions as he slept. I like to think he will be doing plenty of that now. Big fella, we shared so much in such a short time. You arrived with nothing, and left a family who loved you and miss you so much. Run free, true Spirit."

Stephen Wylie.

Song "True Spirit" written and performed by Lisa Clark.