Friday, 9 April 2010

A New Romance.....The Video

Here as promised is the video of the new romance blossoming at The Rescue Place. And yes that is MONA with Brodie! Mona has been a real handfull, she has obviously been well beaten at sometime in her life, and because of that she is very frightened (I have the scars to prove it) but on Tuesday she decided she wanted to make friends with Brodie, and well you can see for yourself the fun they had.

Other dogs on this video are the 4 boys (Laser, Murphy, Butch and Kane) all playing in a run together, Daisy and George with Bouncer in a run, and check out Scooby with his new girl, the newbie Nina.

Sorry again for the barking noise, it took me all my time to upload never mind edit, and please note that the video runs for 16 minutes, so grab a cuppa before you watch it.